Planning for Long Road Trips

Car Check List

You checked everything, even the tires, even the spare. Time to hit the road, right? Not yet! Here's a Basic Road Kit you might want to bring along:

Philips and flat screwdriver
Crescent wrench and pliers
Note: If you don't have the room for a ton of tools, at least bring along a Leatherman multipurpose tool or the proverbial Swiss Army knife.
Duct tape
Single-edge razor blades
Road flares or cones
Tire gauge
Flashlight (with fresh batteries)
Spare fuses
Hand cleaner or small bottle of dishwashing liquid
Paper towels or disposable wipes
Jumper cables
Aerosol tire repair or portable tire inflator
Extra motor oil
Empty gas can
First-Aid Kit

Extra stuff that's nice to have along:

Cell phone
Emergency contact list or
ICE your cell phone
2-way FRS radio
Sunglasses and a hat (plus one for your co-pilot)
Digital camera
Disposable lighter
Bottled water and a few non-perishable food items (e.g., trail mix)
Plastic trash bags
Emergency $20 (for gas or other unexpected small purchases)
State or local roadmap or portable GPS device
Spare car key


If you know of other things to take on a long trip, feel free to email us