We have enacted these CLUB RULES to help guide and govern Arizona Sols, which was founded October 18th, 1997. Effective August 1, 2005, all Members must agree and abide by these Club Rules.

Article I. NAME

Section 1. Official Name
The official name of the Club shall be the "Arizona Chapter of Team Sol International (TSI)" which is also known as "Arizona Sols", and abbreviated to "AZSols" and herein referred to as the "Club".

Section 1. Common Goals
The success of this club depends on its Members working to achieve our common goals and objectives. The common goals of AZSols shall be to:
A. enjoy and take pride in the ownership in the Honda del Sol automobile,
B. engage in social activities with other del Sol owners,
C. exchange historical, technical, and mechanical information and share ideas and suggestions,
D. ensure the preservation by maintaining standards of restoration and operation of the del Sol,
E. promote awareness and generate interest in others by recruiting new Members.

Section 1. Eligibility for Regular Membership
A. Anyone who owns or co-owns a Honda del Sol is eligible for a Regular membership.
B. A Regular Member must reside in Arizona. Per TSI guidelines, the Club can not accept membership applications from anyone residing outside of Arizona.
C. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and hold a valid driver's license. For liability reasons, anyone under 18 must have a parent's or guardian's permission to join the Club.
D. Anyone desiring to become an Arizona Sols Member must acknowledge that they have read and agree to abide by the Club rules.

2. Eligibility for Other Types of Memberships
In addition to the Regular membership, the Club has additional types of memberships:
A. Honorary Members
   1. A person who wishes to be a part of the Club, and has contributed in a beneficial way to our Club, and has an interest in the Honda del Sol, may be nominated for an Honorary Membership.
   2. Any active Regular member may nominate no more than two individuals in a calendar year for consideration of an Honorary Membership and shall require approval by the President.
   3. An Honorary Member does not have to reside in the state of Arizona.
B. Enthusiasts
   1. Any applicant who does not meet the requirements for a regular membership may be considered for an Enthusiast status designation, or may re-apply when eligibility requirements are met.
   2. Any Member who, in good standing, no longer owns their del Sol, at the discretion of the President, may be designated as an Enthusiast.
   3. An Enthusiast does not have to reside in the state of Arizona.
C. Prospective Members
   1. A person interested in the Club may attend no more than three Club functions as a Guest before membership is required.
   2. All Members are welcome to bring a Guest, and can attend unlimited Club functions, as long as they are accompanied by a Member.

Section 3. Active Membership
A. In order to maintain a current membership, all Members must attend at least one event in a twelve month period. If a Member fails to attend one event in a twelve month period, their membership will be made inactive. Special circumstances and exceptions will be allowed. These will reviewed and authorized by the President.
B. In order to maintain a current membership, all Members must maintain a valid email or mailing address. It is a Member's responsibility to contact the Club for changes in personal contact information. A Member will be removed from the Club roster if their personal contact information is invalid or cannot be verified. Personal contact information includes email address, mailing address, and telephone number.

Section 1. Behavior and Conduct
A. Any Member who brings unfavorable response from the public or law enforcement agencies, violates the Club rules at a meet or event, shall be subject to expulsion from the Club. Any act endangering the lives or the well being of others, or detrimental actions that reflect poorly on the Club and its reputation are also sufficient cause for removal of membership privileges.
B. No consumption of alcoholic beverages on public property will be allowed during Club functions.
C. No firearms will be allowed at Club functions. Special circumstances and exceptions may be allowed. Prior notification, authorization and approval must be given by the President. Proof of a CCW permit may be required.
D. Any Member under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance or unauthorized possession of a firearm shall be asked to leave the event by the President or Event Leader and may result in suspension or expulsion from the Club.

Section 2. Resignation of Membership
A. Any member may voluntarily resign their membership at any time, but it shall not become effective until proper notification is made to the Club.

Section 3. Violation of the Club Rules
A. For the first violation of the Club Rules, a verbal or written reprimand will be given to the Member.
B. For the second violation, a written reprimand will be given and may result in suspension from the Club. A Member must respond to the President within seven days. Failure to respond will result in immediate suspension and possible expulsion.
C. A third offense of the Club Rules will result in expulsion from the Club. A majority vote approval of the Members and the President is required. The decision of the President to suspend or expel any Member is final.

Section 4. Suspension and Expulsion
A. Any member ordered suspended shall have the right of appeal to the Club Members and respond to such charges at the next meet or special meeting designated by the President.
B. Any member on suspension will not be invited to any Club events. The length of suspension from the Club is at the discretion of the President. Any member who appears at a Club event while on suspension, shall be asked to leave the event by the President or Event Leader and may result in expulsion from the Club.

Section 5. Membership Reinstatement
A. A new application for membership must be submitted from any Member who has voluntarily or involuntarily left the Club or has become inactive. Any re-application for membership may be denied.

Section 1. Authority
A. The Administration Team shall supervise and delegate all aspects of the Club and its affairs, including the Club website (www.azsols.com).
B. Acceptance or refusal of membership to AZ Sols is the final decision of the Administration Team.
C. Membership information will not be loaned, sold or copied to any third party. Membership information will not be used for any improper benefit or purpose, for monetary gain or for any advertisement venture.

Section 2. Appointments
A. The Administration Team shall have the authority to appoint a Member to carry out Club activities or functions. The number, duties and designation of such persons is to be determined by the Administration Team.

Section 1. Safety
A. All Club sponsored events will be conducted in a manner with safety as the most important factor. No events determined to be dangerous or hazardous to others will be allowed.

Section 2. Hold Harmless
A. AZSols will not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred during, going to, or returning from any Club sponsored event. AZ Sols assumes no liability for any actions of its Members or for any Club event held on private property.

Section 1. Dues
A. Club dues and fees shall be consistent with TSI guidelines. There are no dues to become a Member or to maintain membership at this time. Section 2.Revenue
A. Extra revenue will be obtained by soliciting donations, voluntary contributions, gifts, and fund-raising activities.

Section 1. Event Notification
A. When a Club-sponsored event is announced, we request the courtesy of a reply, regardless if a Member will or will not be attending the event.

Section 2. Attendance
A. The President shall be in attendance of Club sponsored meets and events whenever possible. If the President cannot attend an event, the meet will be under the direction of an Event Leader, appointed by the President.
B. When an event departure time is specified, Members are encouraged not to delay the progress of an event.

Section 1. Vehicle Condition
A. Members must maintain their vehicle in a mechanically safe condition. Any Member's car cruise participation may be denied if a Member's car is deemed in an unsafe operating condition for the road.
B. It is understood that Club Members have taken the responsibility to have adequate insurance coverage.

Section 2. Sol Trains
We use FRS 2-way radios to communicate with each other during Club cruises, also known as "Sol Trains". Before all meets, use Channel 1 to communicate with others in the area. We will pick a different channel/sub-channel before the Sol Train leaves.
A. We do not tolerate any driving, behavior or actions that reflects negatively on our group during a Sol Train drive. We are very noticeable as a Sol Train. The actions of one are often viewed as actions of us all.
  1. Do not drive in an unsafe manner to keep up or catch up with the group
  2. Do not tailgate other club vehicles during the drive
  3. Everyone should signal all turns in advance
  4. Do not dominate the roadway; allow non-club vehicles to pass where appropriate
  5. Use two lanes (where available) for left-hand turns
  6. The leader car will slow down or stop for the Sol train to regroup if necessary

Section 1. Submissions
A. Any Member may submit a request to have any Club rule added, altered, amended or repealed at any Club meeting, provided the proposal has been submitted in writing to the President before the next meeting or event.

Section 2. Amendments
A. These Club rules may be amended at any regular Club meeting by a majority vote of the Members present and the President.

Section 3. Notifications
A. The Club shall notify current members by e-mail of any proposed amendments to the Club rules, along with a brief explanation and need of the amendment.


 The Club Rules were approved on July 13th, 2005
We will occasionally update the Club Rules. They were last modified on September 25, 2009.
We encourage you to periodically review your Club Rules.